Aug. 1st, 2010

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SO I AM A HUGE DORK THAT WANTED TO ANALYZE THE SONG PAST HOKORICHAN'S TRANSLATION. My Japanese grammar is kind of fail so I don't know how accurate parts of it are, and some parts I just left as they were in her version because they are right and better worded than I could do it. As a note, YES, the grammar is odd in places; that's deliberate. I wanted to do a cover of this, and I like having the sentence structure as close to the original as I can in my lyrics so I can put emotion in the right places. yes i am a huge nerd, leave me alone. MY NOTES ON THE SONG GO AT THE BOTTOM, phrases I'm still working on/need to doublecheck in the future will be in double parenthesis.

Edit 7/24/14: wow four whole years later I'm still playing this character and my first response to a new translation of this song is still to WIG OUT IN EXCITEMENT and go to pick every single nuance apart. Truly, I am a nerd.

EDITED 7-24-2014 )


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