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SO I AM A HUGE DORK THAT WANTED TO ANALYZE THE SONG PAST HOKORICHAN'S TRANSLATION. My Japanese grammar is kind of fail so I don't know how accurate parts of it are, and some parts I just left as they were in her version because they are right and better worded than I could do it. As a note, YES, the grammar is odd in places; that's deliberate. I wanted to do a cover of this, and I like having the sentence structure as close to the original as I can in my lyrics so I can put emotion in the right places. yes i am a huge nerd, leave me alone. MY NOTES ON THE SONG GO AT THE BOTTOM, phrases I'm still working on/need to doublecheck in the future will be in double parenthesis.

Edit 7/24/14: wow four whole years later I'm still playing this character and my first response to a new translation of this song is still to WIG OUT IN EXCITEMENT and go to pick every single nuance apart. Truly, I am a nerd.

Despair was my friend, and terror my being
Even my father* did not love this ugly body
Surrounded by the smell of decay, cobbled up into being
Unable to choose even death, why am I alive?

"We didn't think it through." "It's a failure."
If that's the case, then what to do with this body?

Human**, why did you create it? This frightening monster
Did you think you could become god?
You created a monster. This truth will not vanish
Even the devil will not forgive you

What I wanted was to be smiled upon
For someone who would hold this ugly body
Praying that there is someone who would give me warmth
I continue wandering through empty streets

"Don't come any closer!" "Please don't kill me!"
There is no one who could love this body

Human, why did you create it? This frightening monster
Made by the hands of man, why was it then abandoned?
Although this body is unloved, it is still a living thing!
If you don't know that, you will not be forgiven

Human, do you want to live? This frightening monster
With that body, do you want to feel its grief?
The horror of being unloved... I'll give you a hand.
I'll tear you apart, ((and patch you up,)) and then let you live.

Human, now do you understand? That frightening monster's
ugly body, can you feel it?
I ask you again: You created a monster
On that day, and at that time, why did you not love it?

* Although this is sung as "chichi" (father) the kanji used are for "creator."

** The word he uses, "hito," is closer to meaning "person" than "human," which... implies he doesn't think of himself as one.

Lastly, throughout the song, Kaito never refers to himself with an actual pronoun (in the original Japanese.) When he does refer to himself, it's either as "frightening monster" or "kono mi," literally "this body," usually with "ugly" thrown in for good measure. There isn't even an indication that he sees the body as belonging to him.

what that says about how he views himself is rather telling: as far as Kaito is concerned, he's not a human, or even a person; he's a monster, forced to inhabit a body that even he doesn't want, and doesn't see as his.

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