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kaito kagamine ⚙ 鏡音介人 ([personal profile] was_no_monster) wrote2010-12-23 07:17 pm
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UPDATED 4-2-2011! Look, I did a thing! ... four months later yes I know shut up :(

WARNING! There is going to be triggering content and some nsfw sexual discussion, the first because Kaito has ridiculous issues and the sexond (LEAVING THE TYPO, THANKS :'D) because I am ridiculous, period. The second is in its own section; I'll remove this warning once it collapses. The triggering stuff is also in its own section (under the mental heading), so stay out of there unless you are cool with some in-depth discussion about heavy depression and some of the things that go with it. Obligatory "o kaito why are you so messed up :(" goes here.

Physical Differences: Biological Differences, Uncanny Valley, Effects on Kaito's Mind
Mental: "Now see my body's a beast, and I am a rider," "The beast in your eyes" if I can use song lyrics for all of my posts in this category, I'm HAPPY
Timeline: Basic timeline, figure out the dates, suicide attempts.