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...So I draw Kaito often enough that it occured to me I should make a post with links to my sketches, instead of making poor Lyssie take it upon herself to IM everyone with links. The newer of these have all been photographed with a phone rather than scanned, and are thus slightly blurry and of terrible resolution, sorry 8( I'l fix them whenever I get access to a computer again. (Also, I have a terrible habit of writing dumb commentary on my sketches since my memory is like a goldfish and the notes help me remember things... but mostly they're just there because I am far too easily amused. I APOLOGIZE.)

Kaito, Gakupapa Babykaito loev cuddles C|
Kaito Not something that's really come up outside of discussions with Lyssie and maybe June, but Kaito's image of himself varies from nonexistant to grossly distorted. He hates mirrors, because he literaly does not recognize himself in them, and trying to look anyway is disturbing enough that he usually ends up feeling sick. ...This was an attempt to draw how he sees himself. (I apologize for the dramatic song quotes; I will blame being sick and extremely light headed, as well as the song being a fantastic one. GO LOOK IT UP.)
Kaito LOEV KITTY. I joked that this was how the rest of the world sees him (compared to the above drawing.)
Kaito SQUINCHYFACE :'D He makes this whenever petting or cheekrubs are involved. He would be mortified if he had any idea of how silly it looks.
Kaito Looking sharp in the outfit from the original PV. Also an attempt to draw in something a little closer to Glider's style.
Kaitoeto the most derp and the most moe
Kaitoeto Grumpyface.
Kaitoeto SADFACE :(
Kaitoeto PROTIP: When you shrink, everything else stays the same size- EVEN ICE CREAM CONES.
Rollingchan cuddles ♥
"...if you really loved me, you would let me have some..." "...fine :(" "Waaaaah, Adam is the best boyfriend ♥"
A study of esxpressions! ...and Kaito's hair. Look, it's kind of a bitch to draw from certain angles.

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