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kaito kagamine ⚙ 鏡音介人 ([personal profile] was_no_monster) wrote2012-09-08 07:19 pm

baby's first trip to the doctor c:

[modern medicine is amazing.

the first time his idiocy had cost him his pulse, it had taken him months of fading in and out of conciousness as his heart slowly healed enough to beat, and another of miserable illness as his pulse washed all the rot that had settled into his flesh out into his bloodstream. not to mention how weak he'd been after, and how long it had taken to regain his strength.

it's only been a week, though, and while he's still weak and fighting off several nasty infections at least he's conscious. and clearheaded. true, they had to get a machine to pump his blood for him to get him that far, but he will damn well take that and the hospital stay over the alternative of taking a slow, painful year to heal.

...even if being awake does mean being bored almost to tears.

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