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COURT APP oh my god I'm doing the thing

name/handle: Opalinesque
contact: plurk @ opalinesque
timezone/availability: Evenings PST!
Ref: I'm currently in the game, Haru was my original referral!

character name: Kaito Kagamine
au/pg/canon/oc: Tttechnically OC— but he's based off of the Vocaloid song warum, and also being taken from after several years of play at [community profile] vocaloidressing.


  • typical story of man builds monster, monster runs away and accidentally kills everyone who is nice to him, monster decides revenge on his creator via murder-suicide is the only answer

  • only in turned out the man actually made the monster to be his beloved son and the whole thing that caused him to run away was actually a huge misunderstanding. OOPS.

  • STUPID OVERDRAMATIC TEENAGER who tries really hard to pretend he is not for the sake of his dignity

"Warum," as a story, is a fairly typical Frankenstein retelling. A man decided to stitch some cadavers together for whatever reason, then turned his back and ran away after its reanimation, leaving it to flee and try to fight through life alone. A few deaths and a lot of existential angst later, the monster decides it is Done with everything and goes back for revenge.

...except the man had only ran away due to a fire breaking out elsewhere in the lab, had been utterly devastated to find his son gone after, and his first reaction to the monster's reappearance is to completely bowl him over trying to make sure he was all right. Oops?

Thankfully, by the time of their reunion they had both ended up in a relatively safe space (a dressing room game), where over the next few years the two of them were able to properly become family, and the monster—who had finally been given his name, "Kaito"—was able to heal, and learn how to really be a person.

Kaito is, at his core, kind of only a dumb teenage boy who has gone through wayyy too much shit. Having accidentally murdered a number of people via a bad combination of trauma-induced berserker rages, overwhelming strength, and next to zero ability to control his own strength, he caries a hell of a lot of guilt and shame, and his kneejerk reaction to things going wrong is to blame himself just out of habit. He tends to have difficulty handling his own emotions constructively, and is prone to having fits of temper or nursing grudges. Years of being mistreated by humans (and watching them mistreat each other) has left him wary of being hurt further, so he tends to hold others at arms length— but at the same time, he can't quite keep himself from caring intensely about the well-being of others, particularly children and innocents, and overall he does his damndest to keep others from suffering the same way he has.

...Basically, huge squishy marshmallow in a very large, cranky package that has also been wrapped in a couple of layers of barbed wire. Just in case.

objective: Willingly taking off clothes in front of other people! He hates his body, thanks to years of thinking of himself as a hideous monster mixed with a healthy dose of body dysmorphia (surprise! brains get confused when the body map they've had for years suddenly no longer matches the body they've been plopped into), and as a result doesn't like inflicting it (in his words) on other people. Getting rewarded for willingly showing some skin would... well, it wouldn't make him comfortable, but it'd give him more of a push to start at least desensitizing himself.

sample: Here!

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