was_no_monster: (the ever-twisting hands of time)
kaito kagamine ⚙ 鏡音介人 ([personal profile] was_no_monster) wrote2014-09-14 05:49 pm
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[the moment you touch Kaito, a hideous screeching, clanging noise fills your ears: metal on metal on metal, slamming and scraping together as it strains against something. the cacophony is followed by a deafening crash, and then—

a sharp snap. another. and another, and suddenly the high pitched, metallic noises are all you can hear, like heavy hail on a metal roof. even if you've never heard the likes of it before, there's a part of you that knows with a deep-rooted certainty what that sound is.

it's the sound of chains being broken, and with each one that goes a little more of your awareness dims, until there's nothing left but darkness.

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