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I've mentioned in a few places that Kaito's sense of proprioception is almost null, and given a small summary of what that means. However, because I am a huge nerd (why else do I do anything these days, seriously?), I've typed up "The Disembodied Lady," a chapter from neurologist Oliver Sacks book "The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat" about a patient who lost her sense of proprioception.

The Disembodied Lady )
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OKAY BECAUSE WE ARE TERRIBLE and almost constantly plotting, our AU has pretty much gotten HUGE! As a result, there are several other people from our little universe that we'd LOVE to see other players pick up 8< To make that a little more possible, here's sort of a "cast of characters" with a little bit of background information on each of them. Most of them also have somewhat more intricate pieces of headcanon, and we're always generating more; but most of that I'm gonna leave out for the sake of length and also not putting too many restrictions there if anyone DOES want to pick one of them up.

Rin: STANDARD KOKORO/KISEKI-verse model! With one exception: she's met Kaito once or twice. He told her not to tell Len that they had because Kaito being there was "a suprise. Humans like suprises, so please don't spoil it for him." Takennnn.

Miku: ADORABLE AND TOPPY and maybe a tiny bit of a friendly troll. Somewhat religious, but what religion and how much is something we've left open. In love with Kaito- I personally imagine some "AM I EVE HOLDING THE APPLE OF KNOWLEDGE" angst there but again, that is negotiable |D She named Kaito "Adam," after the first man. ...she also died by getting hugged to death by Kaito after essentially confessing to him. OOPS. Other than that, she's standard-issue Miku.

Meiko: IS MEIKO. Not much different there except she's also a surgeon and worked with Len on Kaito. Mayyyyy have also had a crush on Len. Was sent away along with Len's remaining lab assistants after the incident involving Kaito's birth. TAKEN what is this ahhhh

Gakupo: GOOD NATURED OLD MAN; really, he's just aged-up regular Gakupo. He taught Kaito most of his morals and manners, as well as how to play chess. Died while trying to keep Kaito from getting violent on some nice policemen that were asking too many questions about Kaito's presence. T-t-t-taken.

If anybody's interested, you can either drop a comment here or e-mail me at opalinesque at gmail dot com and I will be OVERJOYED to dig out some more of the details behind each of them (assuming I have them. I ADMITTEDLY DON'T HAVE ANYTHING CONCRETE for, say, how Kaito met Miku yet).


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