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kaito kagamine ⚙ 鏡音介人 ([personal profile] was_no_monster) wrote2012-03-03 09:50 pm

happy two year anniversary, Kaito!

[despite his apparent abhorrence of celebrations, Kaito can still throw a fairly decent party! as far as decorations go, there isn't much, but the bachelor-cave he and Len live in has been neatened up, and there's a pretty nice assortment of food scattered about (most of it with lids, seeing as there is a kitty who would love to eat it all herself. ...of course, there's also a good deal of ice cream in fancy flavors scattered around, as well, all apparently handmade and carefully labeled in almost childishly messy handwriting. anyone want banana and blood orange? how about strawberry mint?

meanwhile, Kaito will be spending the time waiting for people to arrive on the couch, cuddling his cat and... watching Lilo and Stitch for something like the tenth time. NO SHAME ON THIS DAY :|b

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