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Name Kaito Kagamine (was_no_monster, warum)
Rank Knight

PHYSICAL APPEARANCE NOTES FRANKENTHING. 6+ feet tall, scarred to hell and back, smells like ozone and graveyard dirt. Creaks and whirrs like old machinery when he moves and is just... generally a little unsettling in a hard-to-define way. Pings as dead. Wears a set of dogtags; one has a salamander on it, and the other has the kanji "介".
☆ Ice cream (eating, making, etc)
☆ Taking clothes off in front of others (to bare skin)
☆ Willingly giving up control
☆ Oral fixation (kissing, oral sex, fingers in his mouth, etc.)
☆ Sensory deprivation
☆ Hurting other people
☆ Being praised
☆ Having his scars touched affectionately
☆ Being honest when he'd rather not be/admitting desires
☆ Verbally expressing affection
☆ Taking care of other people
★ Marking/being marked
★ Dirty talk
★ Swearing (increased vulgarity equals increased reward)
★ Comments on how the carpets don't match the drapes

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to make future memory shares easier and also for fun.


Sep. 14th, 2014 05:49 pm
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[the moment you touch Kaito, a hideous screeching, clanging noise fills your ears: metal on metal on metal, slamming and scraping together as it strains against something. the cacophony is followed by a deafening crash, and then—

a sharp snap. another. and another, and suddenly the high pitched, metallic noises are all you can hear, like heavy hail on a metal roof. even if you've never heard the likes of it before, there's a part of you that knows with a deep-rooted certainty what that sound is.

it's the sound of chains being broken, and with each one that goes a little more of your awareness dims, until there's nothing left but darkness.
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by which I mean Court continuations! Curse you, captcha.
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CHARACTER NAME: Kaito Kagamine
CHARACTER SERIES: Original character! Based off of the Vocaloid song "warum."

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name/handle: Opalinesque
contact: plurk @ opalinesque
timezone/availability: Evenings PST!
Ref: I'm currently in the game, Haru was my original referral!

character name: Kaito Kagamine
au/pg/canon/oc: Tttechnically OC— but he's based off of the Vocaloid song warum, and also being taken from after several years of play at [community profile] vocaloidressing.
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I'll add a proper cover image as well as a nice download link for this later. In the meantime, enjoy! (I would apologize for the copious amounts of Vienna Teng, except that I'm never sorry for Vienna Teng.)

EDIT: Updated 8/28/2014, due to finding a new song to go on here and figuring out a better song order to hurt myself with tell the story I wanted to share. The tracks can be read as alternating from Miku and Kaito's POVs up through "Something Real," with the last few from Kaito's and the epilogue from the both of them together.

Full download link is here.

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[modern medicine is amazing.

the first time his idiocy had cost him his pulse, it had taken him months of fading in and out of conciousness as his heart slowly healed enough to beat, and another of miserable illness as his pulse washed all the rot that had settled into his flesh out into his bloodstream. not to mention how weak he'd been after, and how long it had taken to regain his strength.

it's only been a week, though, and while he's still weak and fighting off several nasty infections at least he's conscious. and clearheaded. true, they had to get a machine to pump his blood for him to get him that far, but he will damn well take that and the hospital stay over the alternative of taking a slow, painful year to heal.

...even if being awake does mean being bored almost to tears.
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[old one got too big again :')]
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[despite his apparent abhorrence of celebrations, Kaito can still throw a fairly decent party! as far as decorations go, there isn't much, but the bachelor-cave he and Len live in has been neatened up, and there's a pretty nice assortment of food scattered about (most of it with lids, seeing as there is a kitty who would love to eat it all herself. ...of course, there's also a good deal of ice cream in fancy flavors scattered around, as well, all apparently handmade and carefully labeled in almost childishly messy handwriting. anyone want banana and blood orange? how about strawberry mint?

meanwhile, Kaito will be spending the time waiting for people to arrive on the couch, cuddling his cat and... watching Lilo and Stitch for something like the tenth time. NO SHAME ON THIS DAY :|b
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thanks lj I was nowhere NEAR ready to post this 8| Anyway I have been wanting to steal this from [livejournal.com profile] donereasoning for forever, but HUGE SCARY MEMESURVEY. ...AND THEN I GOT BORED :'D

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It is time for me to indulge in the ultimate of nerdery. Time to do what I've been intending to do for almost a year.

Time... to post the playlist I use when playing Kaito. 8Db It really is more of an FST than mood music; where applicable I'll do rp quotes/mention the events the songs are related to/FIC SNIPPETS? I kind of like fic snippets. I'll also likely update this continuously until it's a hundred songs long or something because I am always discovering new music that makes me go "...HI KAITO." For the moment it'll likely be youtube links only (if there are links at all, some of these songs are hard to find >8(); when I have proper access to a computer again I'll do uploads for YOUR PIRATING PLEASURE.

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...So I draw Kaito often enough that it occured to me I should make a post with links to my sketches, instead of making poor Lyssie take it upon herself to IM everyone with links. The newer of these have all been photographed with a phone rather than scanned, and are thus slightly blurry and of terrible resolution, sorry 8( I'l fix them whenever I get access to a computer again. (Also, I have a terrible habit of writing dumb commentary on my sketches since my memory is like a goldfish and the notes help me remember things... but mostly they're just there because I am far too easily amused. I APOLOGIZE.)

Kaito, Gakupapa Babykaito loev cuddles C|
Kaito Not something that's really come up outside of discussions with Lyssie and maybe June, but Kaito's image of himself varies from nonexistant to grossly distorted. He hates mirrors, because he literaly does not recognize himself in them, and trying to look anyway is disturbing enough that he usually ends up feeling sick. ...This was an attempt to draw how he sees himself. (I apologize for the dramatic song quotes; I will blame being sick and extremely light headed, as well as the song being a fantastic one. GO LOOK IT UP.)
Kaito LOEV KITTY. I joked that this was how the rest of the world sees him (compared to the above drawing.)
Kaito SQUINCHYFACE :'D He makes this whenever petting or cheekrubs are involved. He would be mortified if he had any idea of how silly it looks.
Kaito Looking sharp in the outfit from the original PV. Also an attempt to draw in something a little closer to Glider's style.
Kaitoeto the most derp and the most moe
Kaitoeto Grumpyface.
Kaitoeto SADFACE :(
Kaitoeto PROTIP: When you shrink, everything else stays the same size- EVEN ICE CREAM CONES.
Rollingchan cuddles ♥
"...if you really loved me, you would let me have some..." "...fine :(" "Waaaaah, Adam is the best boyfriend ♥"
A study of esxpressions! ...and Kaito's hair. Look, it's kind of a bitch to draw from certain angles.
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UPDATED 4-2-2011! Look, I did a thing! ... four months later yes I know shut up :(

WARNING! There is going to be triggering content and some nsfw sexual discussion, the first because Kaito has ridiculous issues and the sexond (LEAVING THE TYPO, THANKS :'D) because I am ridiculous, period. The second is in its own section; I'll remove this warning once it collapses. The triggering stuff is also in its own section (under the mental heading), so stay out of there unless you are cool with some in-depth discussion about heavy depression and some of the things that go with it. Obligatory "o kaito why are you so messed up :(" goes here.

Physical Differences: Biological Differences, Uncanny Valley, Effects on Kaito's Mind
Mental: "Now see my body's a beast, and I am a rider," "The beast in your eyes" if I can use song lyrics for all of my posts in this category, I'm HAPPY
Timeline: Basic timeline, figure out the dates, suicide attempts.
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I've mentioned in a few places that Kaito's sense of proprioception is almost null, and given a small summary of what that means. However, because I am a huge nerd (why else do I do anything these days, seriously?), I've typed up "The Disembodied Lady," a chapter from neurologist Oliver Sacks book "The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat" about a patient who lost her sense of proprioception.

The Disembodied Lady )
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SO I AM A HUGE DORK THAT WANTED TO ANALYZE THE SONG PAST HOKORICHAN'S TRANSLATION. My Japanese grammar is kind of fail so I don't know how accurate parts of it are, and some parts I just left as they were in her version because they are right and better worded than I could do it. As a note, YES, the grammar is odd in places; that's deliberate. I wanted to do a cover of this, and I like having the sentence structure as close to the original as I can in my lyrics so I can put emotion in the right places. yes i am a huge nerd, leave me alone. MY NOTES ON THE SONG GO AT THE BOTTOM, phrases I'm still working on/need to doublecheck in the future will be in double parenthesis.

Edit 7/24/14: wow four whole years later I'm still playing this character and my first response to a new translation of this song is still to WIG OUT IN EXCITEMENT and go to pick every single nuance apart. Truly, I am a nerd.

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